Some kind words from our customers

  • "I was so disappointed that you were fully booked when I rang recently as it's such a lovely quiet place and so beautifully clean. I could only find a space in a cattery that also had kennels and so Jasper and Oscar had to go there. The barking was just SO stressful that I will definitely be returning to you and will make sure that I book early next time."
    Mrs M. Alton
  • "It was so kind of you to send us a sympathy card when you found out that Tigger had died last year at the ripe old age of 20. You'd always looked after him so well. Thank you. We'd no intention of ever having another cat, as now we're retired we go away quite a lot. However, the house was so empty without a cat and we knew that bringing a cat to you was just like home from home with all the TLC you give that we decided to get a rescue. All her jabs are up to date and so we'd like to book her in for three dates in the next two months please."
    Mr & Mrs C. Farnham
  • "Thank you so much for looking after Fudge so well. I am so relieved all went so well. Despite your wonderful reassurance I did keep worrying and as you know I didn't want to leave her. I was so worried about bringing her in as I'd always relied on my neighbours to feed her when I went away but it was too much of a responsibility for them now she's diabetic and has to have insulin injections morning and evening. Again thank you so much, I'll not worry about leaving her with you the next time I go away as she came home so well and content."
    Mrs W. Aldershot
  • "Although you are a bit "off road" to get to, it was ever so much worth that extra little bit of effort. Safe, secure and secluded...what a wonderful place you have. We went off on our holiday knowing that Patch was having a truly rural holiday too, watching the ducks and chickens strutting around the field and seeing the big black rabbit hop by his pen - magic. We will be recommending you to all of our cat-owning friends."
    Mrs P. Hindhead
  • “We were so delighted to hear that you’d started home-boarding for dogs and that you were happy to have Rosy, even though she’s still young and rather boisterous. It’s so much more convenient to take both Midge [their cat] and Rosy to the one place and so much nicer for her to be in your home than in a kennel. We are so relieved that it worked out well for you and that she didn’t overwhelm your retrievers. We hope that she behaved herself enough to be welcome back again."
    Mr & Mrs N. Farnham
Some Happy Customers
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